I am currently in a residential area. My entire building is connected to a single router that hands out public IP addresses. What is does is assign one IP address for each MAC address that it encounters, so if you change your MAC address and renew your IP, you will be assigned a different IP. Each address is also throttle to a certain point, so the fastest speed you can expect is around 2 Mb/s, when the building has a 20 Mb/s connection.

This building is using nowhere near its capacity, and I was wondering if anybody knows how to get multiple internet connections on one computer, and then use those connections together. Is there some way to set up "virtual computers" with different MACs, and have multiple IP's assigned one computer.


For one thing, you're trying to cheat on your alloted bandwidth. If the whole building only used a little bit, bring that up and try to get a better distribution of it.

And for another, it's not possible for a physical ethernet adapter to have more than 1 MAC or IP address. So it's impossible to do what you ask.