I have 2 computers, running Windows XP Pro (not SP2). The first computer has 2 lan cards, the second has one. One of these is connected to the internet (IP The other lan card is connected to the second computer using a network crossover cable. The IP of the second lan card on the first computer is set to and the IP of the second computer is

The problem is that though the two computers can see each other on the network, share files and ping each other, only the first computer can access the internet. The second cannot access the internet. I have ICS running on the internet computer. The second computer has detected that there's an internet connection through the first computer and network connections shows that there is an internet gateway through the first computer. Despite that, it can't access the internet. Both computers can share files. Can anyone help me out please?

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I would suggest that you should run windows network wizard.
It would solve this problem. run it on both computers and follow the instructions.

I tried that. No avail. Any other suggestions?

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