Hello everyone :)

I have a linksys router model:befsr41 and when i open emule and i connect to the servers, first of all i get really low speeds and a low id plus the power light keeps turning on and off every 1 minute or so it does like a restart and the computer loses intetnet for a second and then connects back on again.Though i have used the port fowarding option on my linsys it still has the same problems when emule is opened and connected.This dosent happen when i just do the rountinely internet surfing.

I have read in other sites that linksys routers tend to do this when use with programs like emule or when dowloading torrens.

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if you want to use a router with emule you need to do two things:
1. define the emule ports in the router, in order to get the high-id and better speeds
2. in emule define the concurrent connections to less than 256 ( I just set it to 200) because most routers just die when the connection limit is set to higher numbers.

if that doesn't help, try to upgrade the routers' firmware to the latest version


Dima thx for the response, I did everything you suggested but the
router keeps disconnecting every 1 minute or so.Do you think that maybe
if I change the MTU on the router that it would help? The MTU is set to
default 1500....

I searched a couple of days ago on Emule support forums and I found a person with the same problem and he had a Linsys router just an older version.Could it be that Linsys routers aren't made for P2P programs.


Could anyone tell me of a good router that they havent had problems with p2p networks. A fast and reliable router...


as for MTU, you could set the MTU to 1492 or even 1456. 1500 is good for ethernet, but in the WWW MTU might be different.

now, are you gettinh hi-id now, that you've set the ports?

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