Hello everyone :) (new Daniweb user here)

I'm currently experiencing some wlan issues. My computer is using an 3com usb adapter (3CRUSB10075) adapter with newest drivers installed. I've also tried with an SMC wireless PCI adapter, and that was even MORE unstable than the 3com adapter. I got a Linksys WRT54G router.. The settings on the router is as follows :

- WPA2 encryption (have tried with no encyption)
- Broadcasting SSID
- Channel 11 (have tried different channels)
- no mac filter
- UPnP enabled

I also got a laptop from Dell which i use only half a meter from the other computer, and i get 100% excelent signal strenght and i'm on all the time. The strange thing is that i have tried to take the 3com USB adapter into my laptop, and then i get full signal strenght. I have even tried to put my laptop on the floor right beside the stationary computer, and no change, still got excelent signal. It seems that the signal is only poor in my stationary computer, even if i change cards. I've also tried to take the router almost right beside the stationary computer, and STILL dont get 100% signal, tho it was a bit better.

Both computers is running Windows XP SP2 with newest updates.

Anyone got any clue what can do this?

Thanx in advance


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Do you think that it could be the USB ports on the computer itself.Check them with another USB product and see if they work.


Please update the WLAN WRT54G to the latest firmware, then it´s possible to set the channel to AUTO, this will help in surroundings with multiple "foreign" WLAN Access Points and stabilize your connection.

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