Hi I am working at a university in the phillipines that has one internet cafe in the works, two computer labs for instruction and one library lab in the planning. We had several machines, cable, and HUBs doneated. Currenlty the different labs and cafe are in seperate rooms and networked seperatly, but eventually they want all the rooms networked togethre. There are approximately 32 computers per lab/cafe with 2-3 10BaseT Hubs in each room.

I am thinking there will be a problem when I connect all those rooms together using only HUBs. Am I wrong? I was thinking that I could have one PC in each room with two NICs (inward/outward). All Machines are running either W2Kpro or WXPpro. Should I be worried about to many hubs?:?:

Well, if you want a fast network, you're going to need to buy switches and use those instead of hubs, but they're a little pricy. You can still use hubs, it doesn't matter how many hubs you have, you'll just have a slower network.

Just as pcbuddha said you need switches. If you have 32 computers is each computer lab all those should be hooked up to a switch. Now if you really want fast make sure the switch has fiber. Run fiber back into a server room or central place. This way your network won't have a bottle neck.

Now if you want instead of using fiber you could simply use cat 5e or cat6 if you have a new switch that supports the speed. The main thing is how much of a budget do you have to play with? Wel have all cisco equipment where I work at and that was a big project in itself but now we can ping any computer in our network (and yes we have remote buildlings) as fast as we can ping our internal network card.

There is my two cents.