hi friends the following data about my project, i don't know how to do this project, plz tell me what knowledge i need to acquire for this project and tell me some websits for that

Designing and implementing wireless proxy server

In general, the iPAQ (I) connects to the Internet through the access point (A). The
proxy server (P) receives all requests for an Internet resource from I. P has a cache
of resources. P looks to see if the requested URI is in the cache. If so it is sent to I.
If not, the resource is fetched, cached, and sent to I.
your job is to write the caching server on P.
1. Do all programming on a PC. You do not need to use an iPAQ (except if you
really want to!).
2.you may use internet for more information about the project

3. Simulate the iPAQ URI requests as a simple client running on the PC.
4. Design and perform some experiments to test your software.
5. Write a detailed report on the project.

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