Hi All,

This was the closest place i could find to post my question and i apologise in advance if there is a better place to post it.

My problem is that since changing our ISP nobody on our network can view our website (www.marymead.org.au). Basically what happens is every time someone tries to go to the above URL from within our network they get the Website is under construction page however the website works from anywhere else.

Basically our setup is as follows. Internet->Firewall->Proxie server->Users. And our website is Hosted through a company called netspeed. It seems to us like its just a setting that needs to be changed on the proxie server although i would not know where to even start looking for this.

Any suggestions about what the problem might be would be much appreciated as it makes it very difficult for people to ask for changed to be made to their pages if they cannot see it.

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So you only changed your isp? Are you still using the same firewall and proxy server? If so, then the problem probably rests in the hands of your isp. If not, you should check both your firewall and proxy server to make sure it is allowing you to access the website outside your LAN


Try and refresh your router by switching it off and on should solve this issue.

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