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Now most of you will prob roll there eyes when you here what im about to say but im a complete newbee when it comes to this computer jargon but here goes. Im hoping someone out there can help or at least point me in the right direction.

I have just purchased a broadband connection in New Zealand and was supplied with a dlink adsl 302g router. I mainly just surf the net and download various stuff of the net and have just downloaded 3 programmes: bit torrent, e donkey and shareasa when are suppose to be good for file sharing....

well heres where the fun begins for simple old me. I try to connect to download a file and nothing happens so i contact my service provider who tell me that i might have to port foward?? i had no idea what that meant so they emailed me a document explaining it from port fowarding.com which help me understand it a bit. so i followed every instruction from setting up a static id number to trying to add a NAT rule at the end and evry time this error message comes up : Entry already exits i still cant download and my provider says its up to me to sort out so hear i am on this web site thinking that someone could maybe offer some help to a comuter dumbie like myself

cheers ;)

:rolleyes: .. .j/k
Port forwarding can be tricky. First you need to find out what Ports the applications you are using need. Then, I suggest you change your IP settings to a Static IP scheme... therefore, under your network configurations, change your IP to something static... of course, you'll need to set your router to be static as well. Disable DCHP, and make your router, then on your PC, make your IP with a subnet of and a gateway of (that's your router) don't forget your primary DNS should also be your router

then, you can easily tell your router to port forward (ports you need) to (that's your PC)

what do you think??

thanks for the help il give it all a try.

2 things though

1when i disable the dhcp...do i type to get config page then click on dhcp mode then click on NONE (the default setting was dhcp server)

2 to make my router do i do this in lan config?...am i suppose to eneable igmp as this setting was disabled?


before switching off dhcp, what is your gateway IP... that gateway will change, you use the current gateway IP to get into your router, then when you switch off the dhcp, you assign a new IP to the router, that will be the new IP you will use to get back into the router... OK.....
so to answer your questions, IF your current gateway is, then yes, you do go there and you do take off the dhcp...
and yes, the new router config is usually in the lan config but I don't think igmp should be enabled.

try it

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