Well I have a netgear WGR 614 v5 and I cant access it from its default ip ( I have hit the reset on the back of the router. But I have looked at the ip addresses given out and they are the address from the dsl modem. So I'm thinking that the router is acting like a switch now. I can't access the router settings. I also dont think that the firmware is still installed. I dont really know what to do and have tried contacting netgear but its hard to explain something to a person that only knows how to read things off a computer.

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IP addresses can not be the same on any two units attempting to do so results in a IP crash.


Once you reset your router back to default (factory) settings, you must re-configure all your settings (ie SSID, WEP/WPA etc) and these settings must be identical on every device that uses your network in order to establish a connection!
Once configured, reboot and see if you can ping the router using its default IP from your system. If the ping is successful, you have established a connection!


'Cant access the router using its default IP'?
Can you access the login page when you type the routers IP in your web browsers address bar and hit enter?
From there, you will need the routers default password to gain access to its configurations.


Also have you checked that (assuming your using XP) the windows XP driver is compatible for your network adaptor? It may pay to install the updated driver just to be sure.


Your routers firmware is hard wired within your router and it is virtually impossible for it to disappear or be accidently deleted.
The problem lies within your routers, and/or network devices configuration setup

Good luck :cool:

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