dns is required for a cable router but i was never given a password for bt broadband wenn i signed up

is there otherways of getting dns

You probably don't need a password.

Temporarily, hook your computer directly up to the cable modem. Open up a terminal window. (Win2k/WinXP, Start -> Run, type cmd. either way, click OK. )

In Windows 2000/XP, type ipconfig /all. There should be your DNS servers listed in there.

Under 9x/ME, you can click start -> Run, and enter winipcfg /all.

thankyou so much u have helped me alot thankyou now i can buy my router how do u find out how many monthes u have jhad brodband i forgot lol cus i think i cn get rid of ****e bt and go to force9 or sumthin like that lol