I have a router coming to with a static IP address for internet access. I have that connected to a Linksys switch. Also connected to that switch is a NIC in a PC and a hub is connected to the Uplink port on the switch. The hub is used because it is an old server with a BNC connector for access to the server. So, now I need to be able to access the server and the internet with the same NIC. I am new to this. I use a terminal emulation program on my PC when I access the server. If I put the IP address of my PC on the NIC, I can access the server, but not the internet. I put choose "Obtain IP address automatically" , I can access the internet, but not the server when I launch the emulation package. Can anyone guide me through this. I am installing T1's next week and I really need to figure this out hopefully with a little help here. I have been using CSU/DSU's and multiplexers up until now, not even ethernet-RS232, so I'm a little lost on the setup for this NIC.

It sounds as if your server and router are on different IP networks or subnetworks.

What are the IP addresses of your Server, your router, and your PC?

What IP Address do you get when you obtain an IP Address automatically?

to find this information, type ipconfig /all in the command prompt.

Yes, that was the case. I had two different IP addresses. I changed the server address to match the router address and picked an IP address that would not fall into the DCHP assigning area that was being used by the router, ie the router starting assigning at 100 so I picked 50 as the last number in my IP address. Put the new address of the server into my emulation package and it works fine now. Disabled the other NIC. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm still learning about networking-- changing over from an old RISC IBM box with AUI and BNC connectors and concentrators boxes and multiplexers and CSU/DSU's. Welcome to the world of ethernet..:-O

welcome indeed, it's been around for a while now ;)

Now I have another issue. I have a Linksys BEFSR41 router(has a 4port switch and a separate ethernet port). I want to use just the switch part to daisy chain onto a Linksys 8 Port switch. I cannot get it to happen. I use straight through cable to go from regular port on router to a regular port on the 8 port switch. I connect my PC to a regular port on the router. I can access the server which is on the same 8port switch, but not the internet, which is ported to the 8port switch also. How come one and not the other? I cannot obtain an IP address from the router(DHCP). Is this possible or do I need a different kind of cable?

Answered my own question. Will post for future reference. I went into the router/switch and disabled the DHCP. Just that simple. I also changed the IP address of that same router just for good measure. The combo router/switch is now a switch only.

usually, to connect two switches you had to use a crossover cable. but these days almost all equipment is capale to autosense the cable that's being plugged in