Hey, hopefully this is the right place to post this and not the NT/2k/XP/2K3 forum.

I've had to change all the IP addresses on one of my networks. The DNS server for the network is a 2K3 Standard server, and it has 2 hosts that need to resolve to that same server (one for the 'normal' stuff like fileserving, printers, etc., and one for Lotus).

I changed the DNS records for both (A) records without a hitch and there are no entries anywhere in the DNS config (either forward or reverse lookup (reverse is not used at all, as actually)) that have anything set up under the old IP configs for the network. DNS Cache has been cleared (twice) on the DNS server. Of the computers on the network I've changed the IP's on, 4/5 have worked flawlessly. 2 are 2K, 2 are WinXP. The one that doesn't want to work for some reason (a WinXP box) simply refuses to pick up the new IP for the Lotus host (however, I can ping the 'normal' host fine). I've tried flushing DNS through ipconfig, through right-click -> repair and through status -> support -> repair. I've rebooted several times. I've followed the instructions from MS's website to edit the registry so TTL will be 0 (which theoretically should make the box behave as if dnscache was disabled, without actually disabling it). I've tried changing the settings through computer/administrator and domain/administrator (even though both are set as computer administrators). It still lists the bad record when I do ipconfig /displaydns. I've even stopped the dnscache service, set it to 'disabled', rebooted, verified that it was not running, and STILL the stupid box uses the old IP when I try to ping the server using the secondary hostname. This box is identical both physically and in configuration (or at least, it's supposed to be) to the other two WinXP boxes that are working correctly, it's hooked up to the same switch as them, same gateway, same network adaptor make / model / driver...I'm at a total loss. :'(

Is there a text file somewhere that I can edit to delete this record, or am I missing something obvious, or what?

Any help greatly appreciated.


D'oh. :$

Came to me in the shower. That's what I get for trying to do stuff at 3am. ;)

Still no idea why the person who set this up (a year+ before I got here) would have done that, and only on a couple boxes, tho.