Hello i was orignally runnin Wireless Network through a DLink Wireless Router but I have switched to CAT5 Cross-Over Cable. I plugged the CAT5 into both computers and on mine every 2seconds It says "Network cable is unplugged" then goes back to enabled back to "Network cable is unplugged" so on and so forth and doesnt stop

I still have the router plugged in but the same problems occurs when i turn it off.

I have ruled out the possibility of faulty Cross Over cable, due to using a LAN Cable Tester and it returned 100%

But i still cant figure out why its doing it

So i resorted to going here.

Any help to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated


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Do both ethernet ports work individually when plugged into the router (or some other network device) ?

What TCP/IP Settings do you use for the ethernet adapters on each computer? (if any, or Automatically detect settings?)

Are both ethernet adapters set to autonegotiation for speed and duplex settings?

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