A few days ago I have installed a new network at home. I have been able to access the internet sometimes, though the performance has not been optimal.

Bad conncection
- Internet Pages can take really long to load. When, during loading, I request the same page again, it appears within seconds.
- It is almost impossible to have a good Skype conversation. Even in the chat function it sometimes takes minutes before a message arrives on the other side.

When I ping to the DNS, sometimes none of the packages gets lost, but it also happens that also 50% or all get lost.

No internet
What is worse, is that sometimes I cannot access the internet. This morning I switched on everything and did not have internet. The config screens of the modem and router were accessible. I tried to ping to my ISP, but nothing happened.
When I plugged the cable of my modem into my computer, I had internet straight away.

ADSL Modem -----------------------> Wireless Router --> Client
192.169.10.x -- cable to LAN port-> 192.168.10.x ----> 192.168.10.x

ADSL Modem: D-Link 302 T
Wireless Router: Conceptronic

The modem has its DHCP switched on, the router has a fixed IP.

OS: Windows XP
Firewall: Outpost

Because I don't really know where to begin I haven't done much. What I did was:

- update firmware and drivers of the equipment
- disable the firewall (no noticable changes)

Does this sound familiar to anybody? Can somebody point me to a possible solution?

Do you restart the network frequently? I.e. You unplug the router and modem's power cords. Wait around 15 seconds. Then you plug in the modem, and wait for it to start up. The lights will flicker with more regularity than they did at first. Then you plug in the router, and wait for it to start up. Then you can connect to it.

I find that helps whenever I have a problem. Give it a shot, if you haven't already.

Another frequent problem I have is that we forget to pay the bills, then that happens too. XD

Has your neighbour got wireless too? a lot of wireless routers come outta the box configured on the same channel and Ip range, so if you're neighbour has wireless running on same channel and ip range you will get intermittent problems.

try changing to a diff channel, and use 192.168.8 or go higher to 11.

If it's a Linksys I've found that the sweetspot, other than the default channel 6, is channel 5. Other routers in the proximity of your router set on the same channel will definitely cause signal interference, loss of connectivity and packet loss.