Question: What is one of the biggest numbers people look at when choosing a server operating system.

Answer: UPTIME

As published on this site many times, I'm running a Novell NetWare 5.1 Server. This baby has been on for currently (at 7:49 PM on July, 29, 2002) 122 Days, 19 hours, 28 minutes, and 10 seconds. Someone tell me thats not impressive....

The newest version of NetWare is version 6, which features HUGE improvements, and the same, and even better, reliablity.

Novell Netware 6 - featuring the network service they'll continue to lie about.

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Ummm... truthfully... it's not that impressive. I've left my computer on for weeks at a time without a problem, just don't restart... lol :P

Actually it is. Why? Because Mirosoft has soooooo many security and other major issue updates that restarts are required. Novell NetWare is built to last, from the box, and not from 10,000 updates. Any modern day computer can stay on for weeks, days, or years, but can they stay relitivly up to date, and secure? I don't think so.

for a MS box that would be impressive, but... i used to work for IBM and we had certain mission critical servers for client installations that were up for litterally years - thats right, plural. kid u not. typicall running AIX plus proprietary s/w.


For IBM thats not impressive, its how it should be :-).

LOL! you're SO right! pardon me, may faux paux!!! ;)

I agree that with IBM that is how it should be.

As for Novell. I know I'm dating myself and running OLD software, but, try a Novell 4.2 server up with no reboots, no updates, no changes period, running for 4 years and still going. The only time it came close to shutting down was when power went off and the UPS almost died before they got the generator going again.

It supports 250 users and all their apps and personal folders. I guess that would be considered good.

We had a netware server that was online for 18 months almost before there was a power outage.

Novell is not that solid :p its just another *nix

It's kernel is the DOS kernel... roflmao... where do you get *nix from?

Being the fact that netware 5 and 6 (and 7 now too?) are all *nix based os. and Novell Owns SUSE :)

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