Greetings to all... Presently, I live in Palau a small island country 500 miles east of the Philippines and 800 miles south-southwest of Guam. Been here for 10 years (not crying-it is PARADISE)... However, our internet service is in its early stages and although it has gone down in price, it still costs 300.00 and 400.00 (USD) a month for a DSL line and 100.00 for unlimited dial-up (I am presently on this program) which normally runs at 49333 to 51000 bps (THIS I AM CRYING ABOUT). Enough for the sob story.

What I need help with (HELP!), being totally ignorant about new internet connectivity matters (especially with wi-fi) is (1) setting up a wireless network at the office with the DSL line then (2) be able to dial-up into it from my laptop at home. I realize that the dial-up connection will probably be slow and sluggish, however, it can't be any slower than what I have now. Would also like names of hardware which I might need.

I am running (2) IMAC G5's at the office and last month purchased a MacBookPro on my last outing. All are equipped with Air Cards.

We have no networking, wi-fi experts, or computer gurus here, just us lame ducks putting up with the government owned communications system that has no competition and the most horrible service ethics.

Thank you.


if you're trying to dial to your server at work, I suppose we'd all like to know what kind of server you use there

that's just it, i have none. all i have are two computers there. the dsl line will go in a there and i am trying to figure out what would be the best way to go and what i would need to set it up with the least amount of problems.

by the way, thanks for the response.

and the two computers in the office are networked?
you'll probably need a modem in one of them, and some kind of ancient dial-in server emulator

normally runs at 49333 to 51000 bps (THIS I AM CRYING ABOUT).

Don't expect to get any faster than this on ordinary dialup - it won't happen. In fact, that's pretty good for a 56k modem - My old dialup connection (in the UK on a good telecoms infrastructure) used to connect at 44000 bps most days.