I have 2 desktops ,with 3 network cards and Win XP.I want to connect them so i can share my files and internet connection,only that I'm getting "A network cable is unplugged".
I did everything : make crossover cables,run the network wizard , u name it ... but still i'm getting that annoying error every time .
I'm out of ideas,I really need you help

Do yourself a favor and get a home router. Linksys, Belkin, DLink... You can hook all your computers to it and have the benefit of a NAT firewall to protect you from internet beasties.. also no crossover cables. This is assuming of course that you have Cable or DSL internet access.

cross cable is enough main thing is u have to give ip and seems u r not connecting to that lan card which u configured.
or my be u have disabled that lan card.

or the cable is simply broken
or the crossover cable isn't made right

It was the cable , a few wires weren't entirely in contact with the pins of the RJ-45 connector