hi i just got my pc fixed(had black screen).
i can download stuff on bittorrent as it seems to be working well but i cant connect MSN messenger and websites dont load, tried on IE 5 (i think?) aol explorer mozilla fire fox none worked...
how can i fix this?
the frustrated guy :(.

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heh, thats not the problem... ive got LAN connection and internet works fine on other computers (like the 1 im typing from, my bro's), ive got connection on my pc just that messenger and websites dont work, doesnt seem to get on the connection.

any other suggestions please?


umm i dont really know but i compared my setting to this computer's setting and they look the same except that in this pc theres more options in the adapter's properties -> advanced then there is in mine (here 6 options mine 2).
im sure its all setting problem because the internet is up and runing and so does the network in the other pcs except in mine.

i believe it all happend coz i reseted my BIOS (had to try that due to my previous problem).

i dont know what to change in the setting.
ive got SiS 900 - Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter.

now even network i dont have.


ok, ive solved it, i updated my adapter and the problem got solved.
thanks for the help :D

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