I'm using a windows xp....
I have two computers at home(one is the host and the other is a client) and i connected them using LAN so that the other computer can have an internet connection.

first, i didn't have any problems regarding internet sharing connection...but after about 1 month....i can't use internet through the other computer which is the client....

I reinstalled ccproxy... i configure again the ip adress,subnet mask,gateway and the DNS the same as before when it was still working....and still has the same workgroup(both).

but i still can't use the internet through the client...

i don't know what is the problem....

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Are you ruinning a firewall?

Have you recently updated it or installed any windows updates?

Does the actual cable work?


my firewall is turned off...and even my anti-virus....

and i haven't updated/installed any windows update...

and for the cable....I checked it....and it works fine...


Where to start..

Can PC 1 ping PC2? And vice versa?

If so, can the client ping a numerical IP address? (if so, then DNS is having issues)

.. hmmm, not too sure what else right now.


PC B connects to the internet through PC A. To do this, PC A has two IP addresses (LAN and WAN).

You have verified that the LAN addresses work. Now, try to ping the WAN IP from PC B.

If this fails, then you have a routing or forwarding problem somewhere.

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