I need to write a script , locally run by login name.
I am in a manufacturing environment and I need to prevent production workers from surfing the internet. The pc's have access for updates (software, OS, Antivirus). The users are not to surf by signed company policy ( the honor system) but, some have little honor.
The production workers use a single Common login (Mesabi).
I would like to run a script that when a production worker opens Internet Explorer, a script stored in the local machine is run that:

1: Opens a popup window requesting their first and last name to be entered.
2: Writes this information to a text file on the Server (NT4.0 Server) with Date & time.
3: Opens a Local HTM file that States: ACCESS TO THE INTERNET IS DENIED on the screen large enough to attract attention.
4: if the Popup Window is bypassed or ignored the same window is opened.
5: After 3 tries another popup window opens telling them to report to their supervisor.

This may be beyond my abilities but I hope someone can provide guidance.

My thanks in advance to all responders.