i want to know whats a swith and how i connect it up also could i share files accross a switch and how do i configure one please could you tell me step by step

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You can link two computers directly together using 2 network cards and a "Crossover" cable.

If you want to link more than 2 computers together then you can put a network card in each of them use a switch and a "patch" (cheaper than crossover) cable. A switch is a big box with slots for network cables to plug into, so that you can have more than 2 computers talking to each other.

A hub is like a switch. Its slower but cheaper

Across either type of network you can share files, printers, internet etc...

There some pics. Here is what they are:

Network diagram
Crossover/patch cable
Network Card

Cheers for that it really helps
you dont have a wan port on the switch you could just plug it in anywhere

also what is the difference between the normal switch and this one called a gigabit does it need different cables


Gigabit is faster but you need fastr (gigabit) cables and network cards (which are more expensive).

For home use you dont really need gigabit but you can use a gigabit switch with all your old stuff though. Its backward compatible, it just will run at the lower speed.

The WAN port is for plugging your broadband internet connection into so that you can share it between all the pcs plugged into it. These are on things called "routers". A router is like a switch but costs more.

In the long run a router is better because its easier to share the net and it offers a built in firewall etc....

i havnt got an internet connection im just learning im getting a cheap switch is there any steps setting it up and to get going with file sharing

also my family have thousands of albums i want to have a file server is that just a lot of mapped network drive in an old machine connected to the switch

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Yeah thats easy

just get a switch, some network cards (you might have network ports built into your motherboard, they look a bit like phone line sockets) and some Patch cables (if you have a switch you dont need the crossover ones).

Plug them all in then the real fun begins. It all depends on which OS you have. XP is the easiest to configure.

On xp:

each device will need a unique IP adress. Go into control panel -> network connections. Right click on the network card (should say something like "Local Area Connection") and choose properties.

Select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" from the list. Click properties.

Choose "Use the following IP adress:"

Ffor the first computer make it, for the second computer make it etc.... Set the Subnet mask to

Click Ok and reboot the PC

Once its restarted right click on the desktop and do properties -> desktop -> customize desktop.

Make sure "My Network Places" is checked. Now double click the my network places icon which has just appeared on your desktop. In the toolbar on the left there is a button to run the Home Networking Wizard. Run that. MAKE SURE THAT ALL PC'S ARE IN THE SAME "workgroup" (MSHOME is a good choice). The wizard will ask you whether to share the shared documents folder, printers etc....

To share mroe directories right click on them in my computer and select Sharing and Security

thank you very much
i want to learn more haha have you got instruction like that but with pictures or video also its saves your setting to a floppy to take to other pc's

im confused but thanks for your help
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