Hi everyone.
Does anyone know if I can install 2 2gig memory sticks to achive my 4 gig (3.5)max memory or if the max is 1 gig per slot?

Thanks A bunch!

Part Number: 1009149Gateway GT5252 Media Center Computer

Following are the specifications for the Gateway® GT5252 Media Center computer.
Feature Specification
Processor AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 4600+ dual-core processor 3800+
2.4 GHz
2000 MHz front side bus
L2 cache: 512 KB ×2

Memory Installed: 2048 MB DDR2 533 MHz (PC4200) (two 1024 MB modules)
Expandable to: 4 GB (four DDR2 slots)

Video xfx 8600 GT 256MB 620MHz

Audio Integrated 8-Channel (7.l ) High Definition Audio
Hard Drive 320 GB 7200 RPM Serial ATA II hard drive with 8 MB cache)

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that all depends on the mother board you have. I would say if you have four slots with 4gig max then it would be 1gig per slot max and if 2 slots then.......well i guess it would have to be 2 x 2gig. it really depends on the max ram per slot allowed on your board.

sittas87 is right. 1 gig max per slot. besides it is a lot faster to run 4 1G sticks then it is to run 2 2G stick

It is faster, and safer if one of the sticks breaks down !

Yeah, I kinda figgured that. I have a problem with booting up when I have memory in slots 3 and 4...an intermittent problem that has gotten worse over time. I guess I can just stick with 2 gigs of ram....THANKS EVERYONE

check if your slots is dual channel

if you don't know how to tell they should be color coded. and they should alternate for example mine are yellow, blue, yellow, blue

thats right,colors suggest pairs

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