I'd like to remote control my pc at home from work using mini remote Dameware. Version

I finally figure out how to get my public IP and i know that i need to allow or point the port that dameware uses to the private ip of the pc at home.

so my question naturally is what port does dameware miniremote use to miniremote control PC's.

And i found a website the had step by step pictures of how to point a port to an IP but it's not the same fields i get when i go to the configuration of the linksys.

so naturally my question is how do i point a port to a pc in the linksys console, and would i have to make my ip static, and if so how.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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First of all, you should by using my remote software instead of Dameware. heheh:mrgreen: but if you must. Yes, your internal PC should have a fixed IP if you have other pcs attached to the Router, or ever will. You can leave DHCP enabled in the router and just assign your NIC an address outside of the DHCP pool. So if you look at the dhcp tab in your router and its starting at and giving out 50 leases then give your nic an address of or anything else in the thru range except thru Next if your ISP didn't give you a fixed address your life will be easier if you get one. If this is problematic, you can use dynamic dns. Google search on that for a provider and instructions. To forward your router port, log in to your router and click the advanced tab, then click on Forwarding.
In the external port boxes type in whatever port Dameware says you should use in their docs. if it's only one port then enter the port number in both ext boxes. If it's a range or ports, then type in the starting port and ending port. Put a check in TCP box and UDP if you need it. Then enter the number of the IP address you assigned to your pc. You just have to fill in the last part. Then put a check in the enable box and click apply and you're done. After you close your session you should recycle the power on your router, I've found sometimes it's a little kinky if you don't.

How do i assign an IP to my mac address in linksys?

You don't. You assign it to the Network adaptor in your PC. The router will see it and route to it so long as it's a number within the network scope of the router. You just don't want to have the router assign the same number to another PC automatically, so you use a number outside of the routers DHCP pool as I described.

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