ok so i have an intel wireless card built into my laptop. recently, ive noticed that it runs these following processes:

iFrmewrk.exe 18k mem usage
WLKEEPER.exe 12k
S24EvMon.exe 12k
EvtEng.exe 12k
RegSrvc.exe 3k
NicConfigSvc.exe (not sure if its from intel though) - 5k

ok so what im trying to say is that.. i can go on windows task manager and end all these processes and the wireless internet will still work perfectly fine. i dont plan to use intel to manage my wireless, i willl continue to use windows. is there a way so that i can make all of these processes not start when i start my computer?

btw, ive used many startup tools, msconfig,
and i can only prevent ifrmewrk.exe from loading at startup.


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i dont plan to use intel to manage my wireless, i willl continue to use windows.

And why do you want to do that? While Windows probably is managing the network card, these are little helper programs that keep the card running smoothly. If you disable them from starting up, your card may not even work.

Really, it's just not worth the effort, when Intel put them there in the first place.


well, they took up too much memory,
and so what i did was i just created a folder
in program files/intel/ wireless/bin
and moved all of them into the folder.

now everything still works perfectly fine. without those annoying background services

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