:) Hi All...

I certainly hope that someone can help me discover why all of a sudden, my Upload/Download sppeds have plummeted dramatically over the last few days/week..???? :(

1. I have a D-LINK DSL-604T Modem Router attached to a ADSL2+ connection with my ISP.

2. My Desktop runs Windows XP with SP2 & all the latest Updates from Microsoft

3. My wife has an IBM Thinkpad with Windows XP with SP2 & all the latest Updates from Microsoft

Both computer are connected to the D-LINK and both have Internet connection and appear to be working fine..

Only problem is that even if the Thinkpad is connected or not, the network speeds for my desktop remains the same (approx 6kbs)

So I am at a loss to understand what could be slowng me down..??

I have not installed anything out of the ordinary over this time frame and am currently scratching my head as to WHY this is happening

If someone could PLEASE give me some areas to check I would be most thankful.

The only thing that does come into my head is that recently I have been using a Torrent client (Azureus) to download files and I am wondering if this might have done something with the speed limits.???



Sorry Folks...

Forgot to mention that the upload/download speeds from the ThinkPad are perfect... no issues at all... it is just my desktop that is having the problem.???



Remove azerous. and check if it helps. Most p2p clients start automatically at boot and begin sharing anything that is in thier downloads directory (thats the spirit of p2p)

Yeah Thanks..

That was going to be one of my steps to take today once I get back from the office..

The funny thing was/is that I had suspended all downloads/uploads and nothing else was in the queue (or so I thought)...

Is it possible for p2p applications/clients to be able to change the default upload/download speeds.??

I will uninstall Azureus and see how things go..


Remove azerous. and check if it helps. Most p2p clients start automatically at boot and begin sharing anything that is in thier downloads directory (thats the spirit of p2p)


I uninstalled Azureus and ANY other apps that I had previously installed over the past week...

Using Registry First Aid, I scanned the registry for these entries and removed ALL pointer to them as well.!!

I then rebooted... BUT Alas.. this did not help, I am in the same position as I was before.

I rang my ISP and we spent 1 hour on the phone going through some testing procedures Etc on my Network setting and my Modem/Router setting and I even reset the modem to factory 3 times..!!

Still no luck...

Unless I can resolve this shortly, but last, and most violent extreme is to to blow the system away and re-install from scratch.

So, if there any other suggestions, please bring them on now..!!


i would reinstall the NIC drivers on your desktop, update the firmware in your router, and re-run the network setup wizard. You'd be suprised what that can fix.

OK.. The answer to Spyware... NO, None that I am aware of..

Secondly, I went through the process of re-installing NIC, Firmware Etc.. No Luck

I think I am now down to my last resort... REBUILD..!!

Thanks everyone for your help


is your network cable or card just crap?

get a new cable and NIC and see

Now why didn't I think of that..!!!!!

Will have to try it out over the week end though... Not going to get much of a chance in the next few nights..!!

Will let you know the outcome...


my mum ran over my ethernet before with the vacuum cleaner and it went from 120kbps to like 35kbps when transferring files across the lan. i think she damaged it or something

a new cable (and if necesarry, NIC) are fairly cheap

We have a small dog who likes to chew thru cables...

I will investigate a replacement todsay and see if THAT makes a difference, otherwise I will pick up a new NIC on the weekend..!!

Always better (Easier) to repalce these small bits rather than go thru the heartache of rebuilding the machine..!!


And The Winner Is....

After another go with the ISP... This time they did more testing, it was discovered that the possibly one of the ADSL filters that I had on the line could be faulty and causing the problem.

Through the process of elimination, I was able to fine the faulty filter and replace it with a newer one.

WOO HOO..!! My system was back.

THEN... I discovered that if you have more than four(4) filters on the line, the speed degrades again... and of course the less you have the faster you go.!!

So I am now looking into the option of placing ONE(1) ADSL filter at the beginning of the line and hopefully that will doing the work of all the other filters and give me the faster bandwidth.!!