Alright... to start off... I have recently moved. I have a desktop with Windows XP. At my previous house I was using wireless, until that started dropping out a lot, so I switched to wired. I remember that was kind of a pain to switch. Now at my new house, my roommate has wireless for his laptop which works fine. I've disabled the wired, enabled wireless, and I've "connected" to my roommates password protected network. But I still cannot get anything whenever I open Mozilla or Internet Explorer. I've tried updating the drivers, Repairing the connection, resetting the router itself, and pretty much everything else in Windows' help pages. Nothing seems to be working. I would think that theoretically since it says that I have a very good connection to the wireless that I would be connected... nothing else needed... but apparently that's not the case. And like I said, my roommates' computer is fine... since that's what I'm using to write this now. I'm fresh out of ideas, and so is my roommate. Can someone help in any way?? I really don't want to have to keep taking over my roommates computer to do any work or research.
Please help! Any ideas would be wonderful!

run the internet conection wizard (go into network connections and click new conection on the sidebar)

Choose connect to the internet
Say you will configure it manually
Say its an always on/broadband connection
click ok

Ok. Tried that... Still nothing...

go start->run and type cmd; press enter.

please paste the output of this command (when ran on the broken computer):

ipconfig /all