Recently I installed a Verizon DSL line in my office. It is connected to a Dell Desktop and uses a Westell modem/router. When I run an ethernet cable from an older Compaq desktop to the Westell router, it connects fine, and I can access web sites..

However, when I switch computers and run the ethernet cable from the Westell modem/router to my Toshiba M45 Satellite, it will connect to the internet, but it will not connect to web sites.

When I take the Toshiba laptop home and run the ethernet cable to my Cox cable modem, the laptop connects and works fine.

Since I am not setting up a wireless connection but am just running an ethernet cable, can anyone explain why the laptop works with the cox cable modem but will not work with the dsl system?

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After disconnecting the ethernet cable from your pc and before you connect it to your laptop are you reseting the router. That may be an issue because though you are connected you have limited or no connectivity on your laptop because the ethernet is looking for the pc when it is connected to the laptop.

I am not familiar with your router but I do know that on mine you have to follow these steps before switching between two devices every time.

1. Unplug the ethernet from the cpu
2. Unplug the power source from the router
3. Press the rest button on the router for about 15 seconds
4. Replug the power source in
5. Make sure that you laptop is off and plug in the ethernet cable

Its hould workout but if not let me know :))

Your laptop could be setup with a static IP to run at the house. do an ipconfig /all and check if you are setup as DHCP or static.

Did you resolve this issue? I would love to walk you through it if needed.

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