Ok, well i have a 2000 XP media center edition, and a few years ago it got a virus and the internet just stopped working alltogether. well i put it into storage and now i am working on it again, and i have cleaned it up totally, no virus, no problems, but the internet still does not work. When i plug the cable into the computer, it says something like "limited connenction or no connectivity, contact your network admin" but if i click on my connection, it says 100 mbps. Soo, is there a way to clear this error? basically my computer has internet, but doesnt know what to do with it. Also it says my hard drive S.M.A.R.T. is corrupt, but it always says that.

will i have to buy a new harddrive and an OS, or is this fixable?

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IP is not assigned to u by network server or if manual IP is required then ask the provider to tell u which IP is needed then enter in TCP/IP properties


first of all, there is no such thing as 2000 xp media center edition. XP came out in 2001 and media center came out in 2003. Second, the internet never stopped working, but you're connection was the one that didn't work.
go to a command prompt and type ipconfig/renew and this should renew your ip address.


theNNS you are so wrong, there is a version for windows XP media Center 2002. I am telling you this because i have it runnning on a pc. the properties tab say this.

now as for the limited/no connectivity, check your ip address, a 169.xxx.xxx will give this message, if you are getting a 169 try these steps outlines in this link
if u are not getting a 169, check the cable or your ethernet card/port is on the fritz, invest in a new one.

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