Hello, guys!
I am newbie here and not sure if I am posting in a right place, but anyways I hope you can help me. We've got new server a while ago, and now all computers see network and working great, but only few of them can see internet ( 2 from 10) and I really need to see internet on my computer. I know my ip address and tried everything I know about tcp/ip properties and settings, maybe I am doing something wrong. I know I just need to know right numbers, but how do I get them? Is there is any kind of tutorial? Please, help me! I have an access to server and all computers and passwords, just need to know how to get "right numbers" and where to put them. Thank you very much in advance.

You didn't provide nearly enough information there for anyone to help you. How are your computers supposed to connect to the Internet? Through a router? What kind? Are your computers getting their addresses through dhcp? If so, is that from the router or a different server? Generally your computer should just be configured so that your LAN connection gets all it's information through DHCP. What operating system are you using? Are you in charge of the network or is someone else?