Problem: My laptop on the network cannot access any information from the desktop due to an error message that indicates that there is not enough memory and a suggestion to reduce the number of programs.

The hardwire network has a desktop OS XP sp1 connected to a Linksys BEFSR41 and a Toshiba 460 CDX OS 98 SE with a Linksys PCM 100 running under the Win XP network.

The laptop has resources are at 63% available when this happens and memory is at 160 MB. The entire network is visible on the laptop.

The desktop can access the laptop and transfer files.

My underlining real issue is not the transferring of files but with this condition existing, the laptop cannot use the network printer. The HP printer is not the issue that prevents this.

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I'm assuming your laptop is running windows98. 63% resources available is low, things start crashing around 50% and and it has nothing to do with the amount of physical memory in the machine. This is one of the biggest reasons to not run Win98 today. Try closing all unnecessary background applications until you get a resource near or above 90% then see if you can print. That will at least prove if it is really a resource problem at all.

Thank you for your reply and here are the results:

1. Went to MSConfig and unchecked all in the startup section. Resources went to 90% and lost the network. Went back and replaced the required network file.

2. Could not get back to my desktop but still had internet connection. Found out that the Laptop and Desktop are married through ZoneAlarm. Replace the ZoneAlarm Client on the Laptop and gain recognition with resources at 78%.

3. Still can not access the printer and receive the same message as before regarding the closing of programs. Current running programs are as follows:
Explorer; Vsmon; Systray; Zlclient; and Rundl32.

Any additional suggestions would be appreciated..........what are your thoughts?

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