Dear Administrators,
My query is very simple I've a connection of cable net which consist on domain controller I want share on my home network, I've already installed two Ethernet LAN cards, if possible then tell me in steps.
The following Device are available.

1. SYSLINK Switch 2. 2 Ethernet LAN card 3. Two home Client computers.

Cable net sever configuration.


Home network configuration.
Home Server (which connected to Cable internet)

IP: Subnet:
Name: Client Server

Home Network Clients. Subnet:
Name: Client1 Subnet:
Name: Client2

If you have any solution of my problem then kindly tell me you can also contact on my email address.

Thanks for genius.

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I responded to this question on the 11th. It seemed from your first post that you did not want your home pcs to be able to access your other workgroup computers. Please don't repost the same question without responding to suggestions already given. If all you want is instructions on how to configure Internet Connection Sharing here is the whole thing from Microsoft.;en-us;307311&Product=win2000

Dear Friends,
Plz guide me about removing bad sector from partation.

Ankush .A. Wagh.

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