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k, i have 3 comps all running off one router, i can ping each comp, and also, i can see each comp on my network directory. yet heres my problem, i can look at any of the 2 comps opposing to me, and log onto c: drive, but that is all i can see.. i can open anything with in just the first window of the c drive, but any sub folders to that i cant open, like program files. when trying to open prg files, it says check for administration , or password to see if u have access to this folder.. ive tried up and down looking how to give persmission, and i have it set to the folders.. when one of the other 2 comps had a windows 98 i didnt have this problem at all, but when the other 2 comps upgraded to xp i cant do anything.... i see the comps, i see the folder c: drive, but i cant access any other folder within c: no sub folders, like program files, ect
my comp is also win xp pro..

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System folders such as the Program Files folders shouldn't be shared for security and stability reasons, nor should the root of any system drive for the same reasons. Win 200x and XP are more strict about this than previous versions of Windows.

If you really do need/want to muck with the permissions on such folders, or on the entire drive itself, you'll need to look into the advanced permissions and security options, including fiddling with the parent/child permission propagation options. I really wouldn't suggest doing that though- at the very least you'll be punching gaping holes in the security of the systems; at the worst you're liable to "break" something.

yeah i highly understand that, but at times i would really like to share files with each of the comps, to make gaming updates, faster, application switches to another comps due to college, and also i would like the other printer to the other comp to work from my comp, but i cant do it..

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