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I have a wireless network set up in my house and I did net view command and I discovered somebody is using our internet (Miles Laptop), I know we have no password becasue my dad wont let me near the router or whatever so is there a way I can get this guy off the network please or at least annoy him, interfere with his connection whetever you can do?

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Why don't you talk to your dad about the importance of setting up a WEP or WAP key and the consecuences of not doing so, like this guy who's getting on your connection.

By the way, you don't even need to get the router to configure a key... unless the router is locked with an administrator key.

And about annoying that guy, well first we need to know your router brand and model to know what it an do, block and deny.

Good luk.


you would have to have access to the router config setting to spoof the guy , set a wep key rename the SSID, this can be done from any computer in the house as long as you have the router address which can be found on the manufacturer site of in the manual that came with the router then when u have access you can block by ip, or MAC address mac addres is the best bet that rarely changes.


You can configure the router from your machine only, in the mean time use ethereal to sniff his traffic.


1. don't use WEP - it's too weak. go for WPA.
2. block his MAC in the router.
3. spoof his MAC (aka arp poisoning attack) to get his info redirected to you


I have secured the router so he cant change any settings and we are moving in a few weeks so ill just leave it for now thanks anyway


Nice info..thanks to all
But how to hide to all other anonymous users..no other can detect wireless network if its in range ??

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