I once heard from a friend that he had put the XBOX operating system on his computer. Is this possible to do, or do hardware limitations prevent it? We aren't friends anymore, actually we kind of hate eachother now, so I can't go and see for myself if this is possible, which is why I'm asking here.

I already have DOS, Windows, and Linux on my computer. XBOX would be a nice addition. :D

xbox has an operating system? I thought it was just like a bios, or screen where u select the thing u want to do, adn that the game was the operating system.

Besides Windows Xp is better and quicker, and if it isnt for you, Xp 64 surely is

Actually, I've been told that the Xbox's OS was just a modified version of Windows 2000. I mean, the Xbox is basically a Pentium 3 system, after all.

But, I've never heard of anyone running the Xbox's operating system on a PC. I doubt Microsoft would release that on an installable media to the general public...

I perfer Xp/Xp 64 onver anything else, IMO an AMD 64 plus XP 64 with SP2 is the safest OS you can have

I don't see why the XBox OS can't be run on a PC... the XBox is basically a console sized computer.

You will *never* see a release of XBox OS for the PC, but I think it would be feasible that Microsoft does run it on PCs so they can switch back and fourth to their development/testing environments.

What you refer to is a Console EMULATOR.

It's a software program you install and run on your PC that simulates a console. As far as I know there are a couple of functional emulators for Xbox.

So far as I know they're no more legal than 'Mod chips', and you should NEVER use one to run games that you don't actually legitimately own a license to.

I'm moving this to the 'Windows Software' section.

I believe a program called CxBx is what you are after.
Although not a full XBox Dashboard/Bios It is a basic emulator and will run a variety of the free and open source 'homebrew' games, like marbles and others (mostly puzzle and basic 3d games)
Its still in development so not every aspect of the emulator works well.


There's better than that available, ReDuX, but let's not have links on this forum to items which are of questionable legality please.

Use Google to search for a suitable program if anyone insists on using one. I've given the correct name they are generally known by, and that should be enough, I feel!

On a related note, I have heard of people installing and running Linux on their Xbox. Why...I'm not sure... :rolleyes:

On a related note, I have heard of people installing and running Linux on their Xbox. Why...I'm not sure... :rolleyes:

DUh... because. ;)

You should know that by now... :D

XBOX is fun. I love XBOX...Does anyone like HALO 2

Cleanlava, there are some threads about Halo 2 in the Geeks Lounge, have a look there.

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