hey guys can u please help me. my pc turns on, it works find becuase i can hear the fan spin n the light on the switch is on. also the monitor works find because it shows 'no signal' on it then it turns of like the pc is off when its not.

if this will help, i had a problem with the fan before so i opened up my pc n hovered the dust. after i did this my pc started working fine for 2 days then then this no signal situaton occured.

i tries everything, i search on the web for answers but no of them worked like, reseting the cmos (i think i did it fine...) im not so sure where tthat is but there was a thing that looks like it so i just took it n put in 2 n3 then waited 5sec then back on 1 n 2! but theres 2 of em is confusing if i can take a pic then i would. i also took out that little battery n then put it back.

i need help pleeaseeee, my question is....is it over for my pc or is there a way to fix. thanks for ur time n help.

exact make and model of the computer will help us help you .
any chance it has a addin agp or pci[-e]video card inside or is it onboard video built into the motherboard ,if its a addin card you could try removing it and reseating[reinstalling ]it