I sent my Vista computer to be repaired as it was not running right. They told me that it was full of viruses (I was running Norton Internet) and they said they had cleaned it an "sorted" it out. When I got it back it didn't look or operate as a Vista Computer and I couldn't find my way around it. Now I find that all of my programmes from CD install are loading onto my Photo folder. As I deleted something that was in my photos and I couldn't make out what it was and the new virus programme AVG I purchased from repairers deletes everything from the Deleted folder on start up I haven't got a clue what is going on and was going to re-install the disc I made when I had computer as new. But, this seems pretty complicated and I haven't got much of a clue, what would anyone suggest I do, seeing as I haven't got megga bucks to keep throwing away on computers and programmes that is. I'v already paid in excess of £100 for this to them already and they don't seem really interested to have a look at it now. I am lost.

If you want to wipe your computer and start fresh, using the computer's recovery CDs or image is the easiest way to do this. You either have a few CDs that came with the computer, or you have to boot the computer and hit one of the function keys to start the process.

The process of restoring your computer should be very easy as opposed to undoing everything that was recently done to your system.

With regard to antivirus, even though you had Norton, you should know that computer security is done best when you apply different layers.

For example, while one AV client may do a prett good job, there are other things you can do to protect yourself.

1) make sure you have a working AV client that always updates itself.
2) on a monthly basis, make sure that you are applying the latest patches to your computer for the OS, Office and third party tools such as Adobe, Java, etc..
3) get an additional anti-malware application such as MalwareBytes. Its free and it does a good job finding malware that typical AV clients miss.
4) you may want to install a web filtering application. I like to use Blue Coat's K9. it will block sites that are malicious, suspicious, etc... It even has several categories of sites that you can block such as pornography which is great if this computer is shared by young ones.
5) be careful which sites you visit. Dont click on links in emails from people you dont know or seem suspicious.
6) never give out personal information from unsolicited mail.

hope this helps..

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