I have a compaq presario CQ61 laptop.. Something strange has started to happen and I am really not to sure on what to do.

Each time I hit the letter "y" it will type "dhbty" and when I hit "Enter" it will type "c"

This is happening with other keys as well, making the keyboard pretty much useless... I thought for awhile that it was software related, or some kind of spyware. I have since done a complete format of the harddrive and re-installation, and it is still happening.

When I plug an external Compaq Presario Keyboard into the USB, it will work fine, and won't give me any problems. Is this due to a faulty keyboard? is there a fix for this ? or am I left lugging a extra keyboard around with me everywhere. Thanks for any help, much appreciated!!

hi, it could be just dirty keyboard ,but does sound more like a bad one , just removing the ribbon cable connection and plugging it back into the motherboard might help ,replacing the keyboard would be the easiest fix,

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