I'm trying to reinstall Windows XP on a friends Sony VGN-FS620/W. The keyboard is not working, I can't even boot to BIOS because the keyboard isn't recognized. I have a clean formatted disk, no OS installed. I tried to install DOS 7.10 from the CD/DVD ROM drive which still works, but can't press any key to continue with the install. This keyboard issue was occurring before I wiped the Hard Drive. Is there anything I can/should try before I spend $40 or $50 on a new keyboard? I've tried plugging in a USB keyboard - no go. Any suggestions would be awesome.

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A replacement keyboard is the 1 and only fix for your situation.

A replacement keyboard is the 1 and only fix for your situation.

Thanks, that's what I thought but I still had my fingers crossed.

This sound like a keyboard fault, Sometimes with USB keyboards they work after teh first boot screen, So if you have a formatted disk your laptop should boot automatically from cd or dvd as it takes its next boot option and since the hard drives empty it will move to your windows cd / dvd and the first screen when your keyboard is not reconised, remove it from the usb port and plug into another usb port wait a few minutes then the keyboard should be reconised, This sometimes happens to us when fixing laptops not just Sony laptop, At least if you can install windows you can check that your laptop works ok aand this will save you buying a keyboard if it fails to install,

Hi hellosamsung. do you know the previous post was in march and you reply to it 2 months later. i think the poster would have his problem solve by now.

I have a Sony Vaio "all-in-one" purchased several years ago (maybe 6-7years). I've never had a problem, but today find it doesn't allow me to type in any characters. I can use mouse to delete, forward, etc....but can't type any letters. Can only forward an email using mouse to search contacts....can't type ANYTHING! I am sending this from my Vaio laptop....can't use other computer....Very frustrating!

Do you have a USB keyboard? Did you spill any liquid on the keyboard before?

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