Hi, A problem Ihave not been able to solve: P.C. is off. move or knock the keyboard and the P.C. boots.
now even though the P.C. is off the keyboard light is on. (wife noticed this morning)so I pressed a few keys.
P.C. did not start. It's temperatemental, if one accidently knocks/moves the keyboard when the P.C. is off it boots. any sugestions? windows XP. ps2 connector. foxconn motherboard thanks

How is the keyboard connected to your computer? USB or PS/2? Does your keyboard have a power or sleep key on it?

Would you feel comfortable about going into your BIOS and checking the power settings and what settings are there that can 'wake' the computer?

It's fixed. thanks. in the bios, power management, wake on ps2 was enabled.
wake on ps2 mouse was enabled