Hi every one!
I'm trying to find a suitable place to put the questions and look forward to receiving the solution of all
My boss has two hundreds of business cards and want to find the best method to store them
Simple way search on google, there are some methods. However they seem complicated
I would be very happy if someone share the experience to keep business contacts. Welcome the simple and convenient method!

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There are plenty of business card scanners on the market. A popular scanner is the scanner from Neat.

If your Boss has an Android phone there are numerous app's that will scan the card details onto his phone.

Have a look at these options.

It she/he has an iPhone, then I wonder if Michael or happygeek would be able to advise you on app's for that platform as they are both Apple people. :)

So easy and simple. You can visit http://cardfila.com/ for more information. When You get Business Card from partners, no need to keep the hardcopy ... Just Capture by CardFila and the store on Cloud server forever.
Capture fast and simple operation (taken ~ 200 cards/10 minutes). Capture any where by mobile phone
C collect more hundreds of business card on Iphone now. Excellence!

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