Which graphics processor is better?

  1. Intel HD 4000
  2. Nvidia Geforce
Re: Graphics processors 80 80

Better in what sense? Processing, price, management? What are your requirements for the adapter?

Re: Graphics processors 80 80

If I have a choice, I would go with the nVidia gear. IMO, the Intel gear is still a generation behind nVidia for performance and capability. If you are running a gaming system, get nVidia. If you are doing video production, get nVidia. If you are doing simple business graphics and some video display, then Intel will suffice. With a decent nVidia adapter, I can run two HD full-screen videos on 2 monitors at the same time. With Intel, not so much... Again, this is my opinion and observation. However, Intel is not sitting still in this domain, and are working hard to increase the capabilities of their chip sets.

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