Does any one know of a registry hack whereby one could add a 'move/copy to folder...' to the right click menu when in Windows Photoviewer? It is insanely useful in Windows Explorer and this would save me time and headaches :) Using 7 Ultimate. Also, I miss all the extras that Photoviewer had in Vista, but were inexplicably dropped in 7 (useful stuff like size, etc).

Re: A Windows Photoviewer Hack? 80 80

Have you installed Windows Essentials? That comes with an enhanced "Photo Gallery". After you download it and start running the installer you will be asked if you would like to install the full Essentials package, or choose what you want to install. If you decide to choose what you want you will see the available enhancements. I think "Photo Gallery" will do what you want and more.

Once installed, run Photo Gallery for the first time and you will be given the option to make it your default picture viewer.

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