Where should I get the information to start learning about artificial intelligence? For example, last year's Google Science Fair winner did a project on artificial intelligence, and she mentioned in her interview that she heard about it, bought a programming book with no prior experience, and continued from there. However, I don't know where to go. I'm fascinated by the topic and want to pursue a career in it, but I'm not sure where the resources are to give me a good grip on how to learn it.

Firstly you should pick a problem that requires automation.
The subject is broad, to say the least.

Is the project physical, or purely virtual?
In what way is change required?
Can you map the change logically?
Can you define every factor which may have to be adapted?

Current intelligence models are often modeled based on genetics, the human mind, or emergent patterns in nature. There are more ways, of course.

For example, if you made a system such that a node is defined as having a set of traits.
Each trait (protein) has a behavior pattern.
Behavior patterns aren't limited to only physical inputs and outputs.
A behavior pattern may or may not involve other traits (proteins).
Newer nodes may select from an existing set of traits (this may multiply interactions).
Score each node.

A trait can be as simple as, "evaluate this"
or as complex as, "use trait A which changes trait B by evaluating based on trait C"
or more, depending on how you define your system.

Where you start depends heavily on your goals for the future. =)

Thanks for the quick and detailed reply!

However, I don't quite understand all that, as I am virtually complete new to AI. How would I go about learning any of that?

Thanks! I'll be sure to watch the video and look at the book!

There is a huge body of work in the AI field. Do some Google searches on Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Logic, Neuro-computing, and Genetic Algorithms. I have a couple of linear feet of such tomes on my book shelf. The fuzzy logic and genetic algorithm books have been the most useful for me.

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