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I have hp 650 note book pc which I purchased 2 months ago with windows 8 pro pre-installed.Now, I want to downgrade it to windows 7 because some softwares that I use are not compatible with windows 8.I have opened windows powershell and ran it as administrator to disable secure boot I am now stuck because I do no see where to enable CSM,set to UEFI boot,enable boot menu and enable BIOS password.Rescue a brother please!

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You have to disable all those things in the BIOS -- when the notebook starts to boot press F2 or Del key before Windows starts.

I downgraded my PC a couple weeks ago, all I had to change in the BIOS was disable Secure Boot, and I'm not sure that was even necessary. Windows 7 installed without a problem. I read somewhere on Microsoft site that you can downgrade to Windows 7 and use the same key that you used for Windows 8, but of course you will need a Windows 7 installation disk to do that, and the only way to get the install disk is to buy it, unless you already own it. When you downgrade you will have to reformat the hard drive, so make sure you back up all important files before you start.

Finally I have managed to downgrade my hp 650 to windows 7 proffessional but the problem Iam facing now is that it does not have wireless network drivers but i have downloaded them from hp wesite and installed them. Can anyone send me a link where i can specifically download only wireless network drivers for windows 7 proffessional because all other drivers are working perfectly.
Thanks in advance.

So, just to clarify... HP did not have the wireless driver available for Windows 7? Is that what you mean?

Is your Windows 7 32bit or 64bit? Wich wireless driver did you download?

iam getting the error ''windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk of the GPT partion style'' on my hp 255 when trying to downgrade to windows 7. I have already formated the HD including the recovery partition.

Help help help pliz

You can easily downgrade to Windows 7 by installing the OS form flash drive.

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