how to edit a pdf file in ADOBE READER 9 ?
like adding text in boxes and putting check marks ?

You don't. That's why it's called Adobe Reader. To edit PDF files you need something like Acrobat or LiveCycle, but note that those options aren't free like Reader.

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ok i change my question:

How to put text in PDF file ? like i have few boxes in form:

NAME: ____________________

so want to put text in these boxes.

Is the PDF form enabled? If they're just lines then you can't do anything, but if they're actual data fields in a form, you should be able to click into and type into them. Whether they're fields or not depends on how the designer of the PDF built it, you don't have any control.

You don't have the right tool for the job to type it in, so you need to print it out and fill it in.

Yeah, it doesn't look like the creator of the PDF developed it as a form. If it was, you would be able to fill it out even with adobe reader, then print it out the filled form.

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