Hi all, I'm going nuts with my laptop. I installed gparted, backed up my fil, and then let gparted do its thing. I then went to reinstall Ubuntu with a disc but I keep getting the following messages: "xhecking media [fail]. No boot device found. Press any key to continue". I go into bios and my harddrive is there but I don't see any options to boot from my disc. Any suggestions are most welcome.

Also, I get the following (see image) if I try the legacy boot route.

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This shows that your computer is trying to boot from the network. Go into the BIOS and disable PXE (network) booting.

Ive entered from legacy boot CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive but it's still try to boot using the network.

Ive set the boot sequence to start with the cd... but to no avail. So frustrated by the heap right noe.

I found the disable PXE option in BIOS and I'm now reinstalled and up and running.

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