long story short, this laptop had taken a beating and was trashed.
but it was given to me afterwords and I'm typing this message off of it. :)

problem is, I'm using the monitor I need for my secondary dev-machine, and have no other monitor to attatch to it...
so I wanna try hooking the old monitor back up to it, however, I don't know the pin-out of the old plug...
I snipped off the old (male) plug and threw it out because it was smashed and unusable,
but the femail plug is still in usable condition... (cracked but usable)

I just happen to have another busted laptop which has the same male connector, but it's a toshiba, and uses a different pin-out...

I've tried plugging the Toshiba monitor into the acer, but of course the laptop wouldn't even turn on :P

how should I re-wire the Toshiba's connector onto my Acer??

or, I could redo the wiring on the toshiba screen to use on my acer :P

just use the toshiba screen instead... it's bigger anyways XD