Hi all,
We are using TortoiseHg(Mercurial) as a sub version control in our project currently, we are now planning to migrate the sub version control to TFS 2013.
1. is this possible without the loss of any revisions that are exisitng.
2. is this possible without the loss of any logs or any kind of information that is there in the history.
3. What are the pre-requisites when it comes to hardware / software / personnel for this migration.
4. is there a tool which does this migration.

while was searching online, i got in touch with SVNBridge, but this actually supports TortoiseSVN, but am looking for TortoiseHg.

Any help appreciated.

I beleive TFS has some sort of capability of importing git repositories, so you might have better luck going Mercurial -> Git -> TFS.

Hiroshe, thanks, that was one option i had.

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