Hey, I'm good at coding in quite a few languages including java, python, perl, SQL, and such. But I was wondering at what point can you say your fluent in a or (know) a coding language? Would it be when your comfortably writing programs in it? I know this question has popped up but I could never find a good answer.

I dont think you are going to find a universal answer. Some people (employees and employers) may have a higher bar set than others when it comes to rating themselves as novice, intermediate, expert, etc...

In my opion, its not as important for someone to be "fluent" with the language (syntax). Its more important for the person to be fluent with regards to programing concepts. Once you understand programming, it isnt as difficult to pick up a new langage since many of the programming concepts are shared among the various languages...so really when you say you learned a new language..what you have actually learned is its syntax for the most part... I'd say.

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