I want to know which light weight linux would be better for my internet browsing and only one game that is Counter Strike.I hate Windows because of slow response and browsing.My main work is browsing and blogging on my blog.Sometime Counter strike.

please give me your suggestion fast.

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I prefer Crunchbang as "lightweight" OS. Runs well on older model laptops and virtual machines. And since it's based on debian it has solid packages and plenty of support documentation. The latest version comes with a startup script for some basic applications and setups, and the menu has quick install shortcuts for several commonly used programs so there's not a lot of work required to get it started.

Or if you meant really tiny, KolibriOS fits on a floppy.
Word of warning though, you need at least 8MB of RAM to run this bad boy.

No idea if you can play counter strike on linux.

thanks for suggestion Traevel..!I can do it with play on linux..

My home PC is using "ElementaryOS" , it is built on Ubuntu and has a desktop environment that is close to "iOS". It fits well my needs as for home OS

thanks Slavi...! Does it boot fast

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